• Why You Should Visit Your Hygienist Twice a Year

    A guide from our Capitol Hill, WA, family dentistry professionals

    We all know dental care is good for us, but a lot of us find it hard to make time to schedule appointments. Although a busy schedule makes it more difficult to get into the dental office, having regular dental check-ups is extremely important not only for your health, but for disease prevention. According to the National Dental Association, it is necessary to visit your dentist at least twice a year. Through this informative article, our team at Zen Dental will walk you through the importance of biannual dental appointments and why they are necessary for maintain excellent overall oral health. If you want to learn more or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (206) 324-1100 today!

    Preventive treatment

    Biannual dental appointments are ideal for preventing any unnecessary dental complications and keeping your dental health in check. During your appointment, your hygienist will conduct normal teeth cleaning and check everything from your teeth and gums to your jaw to identify any warning signs or health concerns. Your hygienist will take care of plague and tartar buildup to prevent gum disease and cavities from developing in your mouth. If it has been a while since your last appointment or if you are a new patient, X-rays may be required to ensure there are no issues with your teeth and jaw.

    Serious dental complications

    Visiting your dentist once every six months is crucial to your overall health — especially if you are at particular risk for serious dental health complications. Oral hygiene is not only important for your teeth and gums, but also has a significant impact on the rest of your body. Not only do regular dental checkups ensure your teeth stay plaque- and cavity-free, they also are critical to preventing and catching more serious dental issues, like gum disease or oral cancer. Studies show three out of four adults are affected by gum disease at some point throughout their life. With the chance of disease and other serious dental issues being so high, regular dentist visits are crucial to keeping your oral health up to date, and giving you the care you need should serious complications arise.

    Creating healthy dental habits

    In addition to keeping your mouth healthy and clean, regular dental appointments help you establish effective home hygiene routines to maintain your dental health. From regular flossing and mouthwash usage to recommended toothbrush changes and suggested brushing time, your dentist is there to help you develop effective and preventive personal dental care for your at-home routine.

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  • What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

    An overview from our Capitol Hill, WA emergency dentistry team

    Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. For those that affect the teeth and mouth, it is important to seek dental care as quickly as possible. On this page, our emergency dentistry team here at Zen Dental Center provides a guide to what, exactly, constitutes a dental emergency, and why you should contact your dentist if one happens to you or your family. Read on to learn more, and contact our experienced emergency dentistry professionals by calling our Capitol Hill, WA, office at (206) 324-1100 today!

    What is a dental emergency?

    In general terms, a dental emergency is defined as any dental problem that requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop ongoing tissue bleeding, or alleviate severe pain. In rare cases, dental emergencies can be life-threatening; in many others, they can simply lead to unwanted health complications if not treated immediately. Below are several examples of dental emergencies.

    Knocked-out teeth

    Knocked-out teeth are prime examples of dental emergencies, because they require the immediate care of a trained dental professional. Why? If done quickly enough, a trip to the dentist after your tooth has been knocked out can ensure your tooth is properly preserved and reinserted into your mouth. Always remember to save your tooth and try to reinsert it if it’s been knocked out. Then, get yourself to a dentist as quickly as possible.

    Loose or misaligned teeth

    Just as dental professionals can reattach knocked-out teeth, they can also fix loose or misaligned teeth and return them to their original, permanent positions. If you have a tooth that has been loosened or knocked out of alignment, it is important to see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. Failure to do so may cause your tooth to decay and die.

    Fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth

    If you have chipped your tooth and are experiencing no signs of pain, you may be able to wait several days before seeing a dentist. However, if you tooth has been structurally damaged, leading to noticeable symptoms of pain, it is important to seek emergency dental care as quickly as possible. These situations indicate your tooth is in immediate structural jeopardy and qualify as dental emergencies. By seeking the care of a trained dental professional, you can both alleviate symptoms of pain and save your tooth from decay and possible removal.

    Facial pain and tissue injury

    If you are experiencing facial pain or have sustained a significant injury to tissue in your mouth, it is important to seek the care of an emergency dentistry team as quickly as possible. Emergency dentists are trained to quickly diagnose the source of facial pain and treat wounds for infection.

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