5 Signs a Toothache Is More than a Toothache

An oral health guide from our Capitol Hill, WA, dental professionals

Toothaches are no fun for anyone. Not only can the pain be difficult to endure, but it can also signify more serious dental issues. Having a hard time pinpointing your type of pain? Concerned you might be suffering from something more serious? This comprehensive guide from our team at Zen Dental will help you understand your tooth pain symptoms and determine if your toothache signifies a more serious underlying dental complication. Read on to learn about the 5 most important signs a toothache is more than a toothache, and give us a call at (206) 324-1100 to schedule an appointment with our dental professionals today!

Sharp tooth sensitivity

This type of tooth pain is only felt when your teeth are exposed to temperature changes, such as eating cold foods or drinking a warm beverage. In the more severe instances, exposure to cold air can even cause symptoms to flare up. The sensation feels like a stabbing pain and can typically mean a cavity or an abscess, but can also be a result of gum recession or brushing your teeth too harshly.

Sporadic jabbing pains

If you notice your toothache is less of an ache and feels more like random stabbing pains within one or several teeth, this is usually a telltale sign your pain is due to more than a minor toothache. This pain is usually felt in response to a stimulus or action, such as opening your mouth, eating cold foods, and other activities. The sensation comes and goes, but when it occurs, it is very painful. Almost always an indication of something more than a simple toothache, this type of pain is typically caused by a cavity, crack, or abscess of the teeth.

Pain when eating

In cases where you feel pain in your teeth only when you are eating, you most likely are suffering from either a dental fracture or tooth decay. This pain can be subdued by over-the-counter medication, but you do not want to wait too long to see a dental professional, as a damaged tooth will only get worse over time without the help of a professional. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of the pain and treat your tooth.

Dull tooth pain

Dull pain can be described as a radiating or throbbing sensation in your tooth and the surrounding area, and can range from mild to extreme in severity. Dull toothaches are typically caused by cavities or, in more serious cases, gum disease. This type of pain can make everyday functions like chewing a lot more difficult.

Pain felt at the back of the jaw

Feeling pain at the back of your mouth is not as typical as other kinds of toothaches, because it likely indicates you have an impacted wisdom tooth, which is a very common situation. An impacted wisdom tooth means your tooth has been blocked in trying to push through your gums and into your mouth. When your tooth becomes impacted, the gum on top of it can become infected and lead to serious health issues if left untreated. If you are experiencing this type of pain, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

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