Partial Denture Care and Information from Seattle, WA

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a removable dental apparatus that replaces more than one missing tooth on the upper or lower jaw. They attach to your existing teeth with clasps (metal or natural colored), or they can be attached to the teeth with precision attachments (hidden clasps).

Depending on where the denture will be in your mouth and any extractions or additional dental prep work required, the cost of partial dentures varies. That said, partial dentures are a more affordable option compared to implants or full dentures, and your insurance may cover the cost of partial dentures. Ask our office if your treatment will be covered!

Partial dentures procedure explained

This is an overview of the major steps involved in making and fitting partial dentures to your mouth.

  • First exam and consultation: In the first step, Dr. Miyata will examine your teeth and gums, listen to your goals for improving your smile, and read your medical history. To prepare, we may perform simple tests for oral cancer, X-rays, or other assessments to ensure you’re a good candidate. At this time, our Cambridge dentists will explain the advantages and disadvantages of partial dentures and other dental alternatives, including implants and bridges.
  • Primary partial denture impressions: Next we will make a basic impression or mold of your mouth in order to form the trays for the more precise secondary impression. Our team will record your bite pattern using an articular machine that acts like your jaw to ensure that your partial dentures will fit properly.
  • Designing your dentures: One the impressions are made, you can leave our office. Before your next appointment, we’ll use the impressions to create a model of your teeth, which are mounted to an articulator. The bite record taken in our office will confirm that the top and bottom teeth fit together. Finally, we’ll determine the best way to take the dentures in and out, what existing teeth can clasp or hold the dentures in place, and other logistical considerations.
  • Immediate or temporary dentures: If you need to have teeth extracted in preparation for new partial dentures, we may give you an immediate denture to wear for about four weeks while your gums and mouth heal completely. Because your mouth may change a little with healing, we will wait to fit permanent dentures until everything is back to normal.

View our FAQ page covering Partial Dentures to see common questions and answers.

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